Timber Frame Houses – Building One

If you are going to be building a chicken house soon, there are some major mistakes that you have to make sure to avoid.

Far too many people don’t put in the time and effort researching the proper methods to build a chicken house and then wonder why they are not getting the results they were hoping for from their efforts.

If you want to have success over the long term and help your coop maintain itself for years to come, there are a few key elements that need to be in place.

Here are the main mistakes you should be paying attention to.

Lack Of Size

The first thing you should be keeping in mind is that the size of your chicken coop is really going to influence the total output of eggs you get each morning. If your chickens begin to feel crowded within the chicken coop, this is not going to fair well in terms of the results you get.

There are a variety of chicken house building plans that come in sizes of small, medium, and large, each of which will accommodate a specific number of chickens. สร้างบ้าน

It’s imperative that you select the chicken house size that will allow your birds enough room to move around.

If you don’t, they aren’t going to cooperate properly with your chicken house building efforts.

No Chicken Fence

The second mistake that many people make in their efforts to build a chicken house is not including a chicken fence. The chicken fence is there to protect your chickens against all the predators that very often come in contact with the coop.

If you aren’t building the chicken fence high enough or deep enough into the ground, then there is a very good chance that you are going to run into some issues.

Improper Chicken Feeder Height

Making sure you place the feeder at the right height inside the chicken coop is also important so that they are able to get in the nutrition they need.

You don’t want the feeder to be too low to the ground or there’s a good chance they are going to scatter their food around, while you also don’t want it to be too high that they are unable to reach the food either.

Right around the shoulder height will be the best position for them to comfortably access their food.


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